Under painting

Here is a simple technique in which i learnt through the shaped painting material project. Under painting is single layer of paint which is applied to the board, this serves as a base for further layers of paint. this is useful to define colour and give a slight tint to the painting.

Here is an example of under painting in my work. I have used a dark blue colour as i wanted to have a slight tint of blue in the skin tones.

img_0170  img_0171  img_0173

In the last image i have began to paint in the highlights using a dry brushing technique which help me see the shape of the face.



Shaped painting material project

For the shaped painting project i had to create a shaped surface in order to paint onto rather than the traditional squared/rectangular canvas. First i spent a short time sketching my idea which was a double exposure of a self portrait and a landscape. I transferred the design onto hardboard and cut it out using the band saw.


Once the shape was cut out i sanded the edges using various grades of sandpaper and primed it with emulsion using even strokes.

img_0149  img_0150  img_0147

Soldering and programming the Arduino

As part of the indoor suns material project i learnt how to put together a circuit using nano pixels which could then be plugged into an Arduino and be programmed. i used tools such as a wire cutters to skin the wires and the soldering iron to solder the wires to the lights. I also used heat shrink to prevent the wires from touching and shorting out.


From learning this i went onto making a more complex circuit to drive a motor/fan. Here are some photos of the end result:

img_0115  img_0114  img_0113

Here is an image of the code that i wrote to programme the Arduino for the motor.

Indoor suns material project

Throughout the third week of the (indoor suns) material project I took apart old projectors to find different parts in which I could use to place in front of the light to create interesting effects.

Processed with Snapseed.  Processed with Snapseed.  20161010_114516566_ios

I then worked within a group to help create a small installation using wood and string, we then projected footage onto the installation using different projectors.

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