Final Project: Soundtrack

A large part of this narrative is based on the audio. I have decided on using orchestral music to accompany the visuals of a percussion player and building demolition. The reason for this choice is because I believe that falling buildings have some sort of beauty to them as they fall, When thinking of music that closely relates to this, orchestral music comes to mind. I feel that the this audio along with strong imagery will be very effective and will add to the narrative.

In order to find music for my animation, I have thought about contacting local musicians or national orchestra of wales if possible.

I could also look at contacting local Universities or colleges to record a live orchestra.


Final Project: Posed Production methods

For my short film I intend to use stop motion techniques to showcase my realistic set building skills along with stop frame animation skills. To add to this I am thinking about integrating some CGI simulations of collapsing buildings and smoke as a background for the ending scenes. In contrast to this i may also consider sticking with the stop motion technique throughout the whole film to allow for an easier viewing. I also feel that the stop motion technique would be more effective in creating the realistic atmosphere within the narrative.


If I was to use stop motion throughout the film I have found an interesting video which explains how cotton wool can be used as a material for substituting smoke within stop motion. Here is the video examining how weather and elements are made within the film ‘Isle Of Dogs’.

Url Ling: (accessed 05/06/2018)

Some of the techniques shown here are really creative in the way they present fire, smoke and other elements that are seen as difficult to create within stop motion animation. This video also includes some information about how some of the sets are made from starting out as foam models, then developed into large realistic sets.

Final Project: Introduction/Idea for narrative

The main theme of this projects is to effectively show the inner workings of a characters mind within a daydream, showcasing the thoughts and fantasies and how they relate to situations within the real world.


The narrative of this animation will follow the form of a character daydreaming to help with a real life situation. The narrative will start off with a sequence of scene showing a character performing as part of an orchestra, specifically playing a percussion instrument. This sequence will play on the theme of timing and suspense where by the character must have perfect timing as part of an orchestra. Towards the end of the animation the character is revealed to be a building demolition operative in his everyday job waiting to press the big red button to demolish a block of buildings. The end scenes would show a building demolition or the aftermath of a building demolition. 


This narrative will depict how a highly responsible and potentially dangerous job could also be considered an art form when looked at in a fantasy or dreamlike way.

I feel that the relationship between the percussionist and a building demolition operative goes really well. I also feel that the use of orchestral music behind the visuals of buildings falling to the ground one by one would change it into something beautiful rather than something that could be considered serious and dangerous.


My idea for this narrative originally came from viewing a short film on Vimeo which portrays how a pianist may think when playing a piece of music. This short film relates the action and aggression of a boxing match to a piece of music from a pianist.


Final Project Plan: Wool technique for stop motion puppet

I have made the decision of creating my film using the stop motion animation technique. I feel that it would best portray the ideas and narrative that I have. I have looked into the design of these puppets/sets and I have been drawn to the wool technique. A good example of the use of this material within the stop motion sector would be the short film ‘Edmond’.

URL Address: (Accessed 29/05/2018)

The characters within this short film are constructed with wool and fabric. I really like that way the wool reacts within stop frame because it reminds me of camera noise and gives the film a fuzzy atmosphere. This aspect I think would be very effective within my own film which is based on the dream world and the unconscious mind.


Here is a close-up of the wool Stop-Motion puppet. The design appears to be constructed using wool for the skin and clothing. The the facial features appear to be added digitally afterwards.


Final project: Idea of inventing things within dreams

In relation to the theme of dreams and how the dream world could influence reality, I have chosen to conduct some research into how useful inventions which have maybe changed the world, were created from the inventors  dreams.

Some of the well known inventions created from dreams are;

The Sewing machine:

Elias Howe’s lock-stitch sewing machine was invented from a violent murder dream where by he dreamt that he got stabbed.

The Terminator Movie:

James Cameron Had a vivid dream while he was ill. He dreamt there was an explosion, and coming out of it was a robot, cut in half,  crawling toward a fleeing girl. He created a rough sketch of a robot from this dream and created a draft which developed in to the well known ‘Terminator’.

Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity:

Apparently Einstein dreamt about cows getting electrocuted by and electric fence. Within his dream he saw the cows jumping back from th fence all at once, however when he asked the farmer what he saw, the farmer said he seen the cows jumping one by one. From this bizarre dream Einstein discovered how things appear different depending on where you are standing(The theory of Relativity).


Some of these examples are interesting to look at when comparing how such a bizarre dream can influence such a powerful idea or invention. It is also interesting how the minds of these creators work when in a dreamlike state. The unconscious mind is something that could be very intriguing to look into or even use as part of the narrative for my film.

London Trip

When beginning to make my two final pieces for the subject module I thought that it would be most beneficial for me to go on one of the London trips that the fine art department had to offer. I wanted to get some inspiration from some of the works of art in the Tate Modern and Tate Britain. I decided to have a good look around and photograph some of the works that I felt could influence my two final pieces in some way.


This piece by Louise Nevelson depicts a assemblage of wooden boxes with found objects placed inside each of them. The most interesting thing about this piece is that it is all painted matte black. According to the description Nevelson suggests that ‘the desparate elements are unified by being painted black, a coulour which will make any material look more distinguished’.

Based on this idea I have began to experiment with painting my sculptures all black or all one colour to make them look more distinguished.





James Turrell

The artist that has mostly informed my second final piece is American light artist James Turrell. I first came across this artist while looking at artists who use light in their work within the ‘indoor suns material project’. James Turrell again came up in a power point within the field module which I then decided to look more into the artist. I have created a previous post looking at the work of James Turrell here:

I have based the idea of my final piece based on these artworks

STUFE (WHITE) (1967)

The reason i have chosen to look into this artist is because of his large light installations. These installations are described as a surreal experience and almost dreamlike. For this reason i have decided to use the theme of light within my final piece. I planned on using simular techniques to create an intriguing light source in which I could use in my video.

Influenced by this artists work my idea was to make a dreamlike light source that could be positioned in untouched landscapes. In my video the light I used was a soft orb light which was adapted to work with a bright LED torch. This resulted in a soft bright light source I could use in my video.