Shadow play Field project and my Final piece

During the Field module the most interesting part in my opinion was the ‘Shadow play’ project. I was drawn to this project in particular because I enjoyed creating the clay sculpture at the end based on the shadows. When the Field module came to an end I decided that my individual piece would be inspired by what I learnt in the ‘Shadow play’ project.

The main aim for the project was to play around with lights and projectors to cast interesting shadows. The next step was to generate some sketches from the shadows and construct a maquette from cut cardboard. The final part of the project was to sculpt a small clay sculpture.

Initially I planned to make a figurative sculpture in which i could shine light onto to project a shadow. However I wanted the shadow to reveal something different to what the sculpture was physically.

My final idea was to construct a sculpture using cardboard cut outs of figures falling-relating it to my Inside/Outside theme. From what I learnt during the Field project I applied it to my final piece and I was very pleased with the outcome. Once the piece was finished I experimented with different types of lights and projectors to achieve different shadows. I found that the LED light worked best.


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