Throughout my first year within Fine Art I have been introduced to lots of new material skills and processes such as, screen-printing, canvas making, constructing a programmable lighting circuit and programming an Arduino.

However for me the most interesting skill that stood out for me is sand- casting. I learnt the process of  sand-casting during one of the workshops that the university had to offer.

The sand casting process is very time consuming but the end result was worth it. The overall process involves:

Creating a polystyrene sculpture, constructing a wooden housing , filling the housing with silica sand, hardening the sand with co2 gas, drilling holes in the mould to activate all of the sand, making a second mould for a pouring cup, gluing the two moulds together and then finally pouring the melted aluminium into the mould.


The equipment used in this process can be very dangerous so safety precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of myself and others around me. The video below shows the pouring phase of the process where fireproof clothing had to be worn to avoid injury if an accident was to occur. Here are some examples of the pouring process.

I really enjoyed the whole process and my favourite part was revealing the final outcome. I feel that this skill is beneficial towards my sculptural work and it has shown me new and interesting ways of working. I feel that I could use this process in my future sculptures.

Once opening the mould, I broke away all of the surrounding sand to reveal the cast. My sculpture, which was inspired by research on dreams-within the Outside/Inside theme. Here are some photographs of my sculpture cast in aluminium.




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