James Turrell

The artist that has mostly informed my second final piece is American light artist James Turrell. I first came across this artist while looking at artists who use light in their work within the ‘indoor suns material project’. James Turrell again came up in a power point within the field module which I then decided to look more into the artist. I have created a previous post looking at the work of James Turrell here:


I have based the idea of my final piece based on these artworks

STUFE (WHITE) (1967)

The reason i have chosen to look into this artist is because of his large light installations. These installations are described as a surreal experience and almost dreamlike. For this reason i have decided to use the theme of light within my final piece. I planned on using simular techniques to create an intriguing light source in which I could use in my video.

Influenced by this artists work my idea was to make a dreamlike light source that could be positioned in untouched landscapes. In my video the light I used was a soft orb light which was adapted to work with a bright LED torch. This resulted in a soft bright light source I could use in my video.





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