Giorgio De Chirico

Giorgio De Chirico (10 July 1888 – 20 November 1978) was an italian writer and artist who founded the scuola metafisica art movement.


I first came across this artist whilst reading through my formative assessment feedback where artists were advised for me to look into. I was instantly drawn to the work Giorgio De Chirico because I felt it had aspects that I am trying to achieve within my own work. For example,the cityscapes he depicts are not ones I would view as having everyday activity but rather haunted cities with little life.Within these mysterious cityscapes it seems as if the small towns or cities are almost similar to the places I would visualise within dreams. Therefore this artists work is a perfect example to look at when trying to create dreamlike cities or utopias, which is a key idea for my project.

The Great Metaphisician-1917

Another aspect of De Chirico’s work that inspires me is the way he uses human figures that merge into the mysterious cities. From this painting of The Great Meta-physician you can see that the figure on top clearly has no facial features, which plays on the idea of the subject having no identity. The idea of having no is really interesting because within dreams, identifying people and remembering faces sometimes proves difficult. The painting also depicts shapes, objects and buildings. These may be symbolic of the things you would see within dreams. It is interesting how De Chirico presents these symbols as one pile, similar to a still life rather than trying to visualise images of a dream like the way Salvador Dali would. This pile looks as if its being supported by somethings which suggests that they would fall otherwise.




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