Pinhole Camera Challenge

This Collaborative field hub involved constructing our own pinhole camera in which we could use to take photographs. the pinhole camera itself could be made from many different things. As a group we decided to use a black plant pot because it was the perfect size and it was a good shape. However the plant pot needed some modifications to make it lightproof and to make the pinhole. To seal the pot we super-glued cardboard and tape. For the pinhole we cut a hole in the pot and placed inside a piece of aluminium can with a pin hole in the centre.

We used photosensitive paper to take the photos. We estimated the exposure time to about 30 seconds because the natural lighting outside was not very strong. After taking a series of photos we took the photographs into the darkroom to be developed.  We use the old developing process by placing the photos in a developer bath, stop bath and fixer bath. When developed the photo paper turned completely black, this meant that the exposure time was too long. We calculated that the exposure time would have to be around 10 seconds to obtain a clear image outside.

I really like the way these photos came out and feel that it worked better than I initially thought. I also like the way the curved design of our camera created the wide angle (fish eye) effect.

Also within this project we used a series of smartphone apps to explore the process of augmentation. These apps allowed us to create an augmented reality within our smartphones. We started by using a 3D scanner to scan a 3 dimensional image of an object, then drew a simple logo onto paper. We used the app called augment which connects the logo to the 3D image. Finally, using an app called Aurasma we scanned over the logo and the 3D image of the object appears hovering over the logo.


I feel this technique was very interesting to work with and has widened my knowledge on augmented reality technologies. I feel this project has taught me how to work in cross disciplinary groups to achieve The best outcome. I relied on the help of others when using techniques I was not very familiar with, for example when using the augmentation app to create a 3D image.



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