Shadow Play

During this field hub the main goal was to experiment with light/shadows and pay close attention to the shapes, forms and negative space. The first task was to use the projector to cast interesting shadows onto blank paper, then from these shadows we had to generate cardboard Marquette’s before moving onto constructing a clay sculpture.

We placed found objects in front of a projector to cast a range of interesting shadows. We re positioned the projector to play with the size of the shadows and roughly drew around the shadows onto the blank paper as well as some basic sketches. The outcome resulted in a sequence of shadows in the form of an elephant and some other geometric shapes.

From the sketches we made we found that they resembled some kind of sequence and that some of the shadows were less detailed than others. In response to this we had the idea that we were going to make a sequence of silhouettes which gradually lost their detail and became simplified in terms of form. From the front towards the back the silhouette of the elephant gradually becomes simplified into geometric shapes. Using cardboard we constructed this small Marquette.

In response to our Marquette we wanted to show the contrast between a detailed silhouette and a far more simplified version. My group decided on making a realistic/detailed sculpture of an elephant as well as a simplified, geometric one. These two sculptures would be presented next to each other to show the contrast between the two.


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