James Turrell

James Turell is an American artist who explores light and space. Here are some examples of his work.



I have decided to look at the work of artist James Turrell primarily because of his light installations and his interest in light. I like the way his artwork affects how we perceive and feel about light. I like the idea of creating an installation that gives the viewer an overwhelming experience. His light installations are almost dream-like. This is something I would like to use in my project of inside/outside which explores dreams.

Afrum (white)-1966

This piece particularly caught my attention as it somehow draws me into the light and makes me question the structure of light. I feel like the light could be a projection but also a three dimensional object , the more i look into the light the more my mind plays tricks on me. The light is displayed in such a way that it is difficult to determine the size and how it is placed into the corner of the wall, The cube of light almost seems as it is levitating.

In relation to the ‘Illuminated’ field hub this artist has inspired me experiment with light in terms of how it can be shaped into something 3 dimensional. Although light isn’t a physical object it can be shaped to create the illusion of 3 dimensional space. This idea of shaping light is what I intent to take into my small group when thinking of ideas for our collaborative pieces.



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