The second collaborative projects within the field module is ‘Illuminated’, which involved working in cross discipline groups to generate a series of collaborative pieces. The first being a short video and the other two being installations based upon what the other groups produced.

My group first made a 30 second video piece that demonstrated working with light. We all worked together towards an idea that involved using fairy lights and a transparent mannequin. We filmed the lights moving around inside the torso with another mannequin looking into the light.

Our second piece was to create a small installation based on another groups video. The groups video included subjects looking into bright lights, this gave us the idea of using figures that appear to be crawling towards a bright light. We used dried leaves on the floor a black paper to give the piece a earthy, nature atmosphere.

The third and final installation was in response to another different groups installation. Their work included the use of transparent boxes filled with water and shiny material. A light was placed under the boxes to give an interesting reflection on the ceiling. In response to this idea we decided to use these water filled boxes but with a twist of colour. We used food colouring and fairy lights placed in and around the water to project interesting reflections on the walls of the space.


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