Light is Colour

During this first week of the field module the overall theme was to look at colour and more importantly how light is colour. We started off learning simple colour theory and mixing complimentary colours. These mixes were then taken into the print making studio. I the print making studio I generated some geometric shapes and patterns which I though would make interesting screen prints. After making the screen of my design I experimented using different colour paper with the paint I mixed previously. After getting the printing technique perfect the prints came out very well.

The following day the task was to individually create some sort of 3D piece of art using each others prints. The piece I made was a rectangular box which contained different layers of shapes and colours which I cut out from the prints. The idea was to look at how the different colours appeared once placed behind one another. Here are some documentation photos of the piece.

In our small group we had to work together to construct a final piece of art that some how relates to each of our individual pieces. Within my group we came up with the idea of a small display of colour that was placed in a dark box. The inside was lit by small fairy lights which was view able from the two eye holes at the front. Here is some photos of the piece.



I feel that the group worked well as a team to generate the collaborative piece and the outcome was very good. Based on each group members artistic background we each had better skill sets. For example when designing the shape of the box I took a step back and listened to the maker students. This resulted in the design being as best it could be within our group.



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