Starting point

For the Inside/Outside brief my first intentions were to look ‘inside’ the human mind at dreams and find ways of creating artwork based around this idea. To start the project I did some basic research on dreams and looked at some of the most common dreams that people have. I found that some of the items, happenings, places and people that we dream about somehow having a meaning in our lives.

The three material projects that i have completed have introduced me to new ways of creating artwork and widened my knowledge of artists. The Concreteopia project specifically has inspired my outside/inside project. For example when learning about the term ‘Phsychogeography’ I found that the everyday places and architecture around us can bring back memories or feelings from past experiences when looked at in this way. I had the idea of relating this to the dream world and how the everyday places we visit and architecture we see can influence a dream.



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