Salvador Dali

In relevance to my Inside/Outside project i have looked in to the artwork of the famous surrealist Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali is an obvious choice to look at dreams in artwork as most of his well known artwork is inspired by the dream world. I feel I could use this surrealist style in my work to explore dreams. Some of the surreal meanings could be used to wards dreams and how the human mind works when dreaming. Like Salvador Dali I want to depict the ‘dream world’ within my artwork, this could be a challenge because dreams are not viable to the eye and each one is unique to the person. I feel Dali integrates his own dream experiences into his paintings. I think this might help me to get started when producing artwork based on dreams as well as adding a personal aspect to my work.

The Persistence of Memory

This piece is interesting to look at because there is a lot to think about. Aspects like the warped clocks and strange forms. These strange forms create a kind of optical illusion and play tricks on the mind. For example the white figure looks like a blanket but has human features like eye lashes and shapes of a face. It is as if one object is several objects at once. These figures along with the melting clocks are placed in an empty landscape which looks like there is no life there.

The idea of a dreamlike landscape which makes the viewer question if it is reality or not is something that I want to consider using in my own artwork when exploring ‘dreams’.



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