Thinking about dreams within art

After conducting my library research project it gave me some really good ideas for my inside outside project. Following on from the idea of exploring inside the human mind I have been looking at surrealists such as Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali. The library research project helped me understand how dreams and the idea of dreams influence surrealist artwork.

To start looking into this more in depth i conducted a quick google search on dreams themselves to find out some interesting facts. I began to think about the dreams I have experienced and most importantly how I could show this in my artwork.

After researching Rene Magritte in the library I came across one of his pieces in the Cardiff Museum.

img_0229 img_0230

This piece represented scenes, portals or windows into strange dream like worlds. I found the idea of this very interesting and want to use this within my own artworks.


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