Concretopia Material Project

This week I started my third material project which was titled Concretopia. This seemed extremely interesting to explore and I wanted to find out more about architecture.

Brutalist Architecture

Some of the artwork i first looked at were some Spomeniks in Yugoslavia. These were second world war memorials which look like alien art. They also fall into the category of brutalist architecture which is a movement in architecture that uses ruggedly designed brickwork and concrete. In my opinion this is not pleasant to look at however the way the shapes and textures are used in architecture is very interesting.

I Phone Architecture Photography

The task was to take a walk through Cardiff city centre and take photos of interesting buildings that caught my eye. The idea behind this task was to use the term Psychogeography, which means to study what is going on around you while drifting around an urban environment. Therefore i wanted to quickly walk through the city taking photos of buildings that bring back a memory or effect me in some way. I also focused my attention to look at corners, angles and unusual shapes.

Here are a selection of the photos i took that day.

img_0307-copy img_0309 img_0326-copy img_0297

img_0284  img_0288  img_0312

img_0326 img_0292  img_0303-copy img_0307

img_0303 img_0296 img_0309-copy



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