Defining 4 dimension


This week in the museum the task was to read another text which was in the form of a play. After reading it over a few times I found the at the characters were talking about the subject of happiness and how being rich or poor can effect this. The character ‘MASHA’ describes how poverty is not the worst thing that can happen to someone. This gives a different perspective of happiness/unhappiness to the other characters.

My understanding of 4 dimension is that it uses all 3 dimensions as well as a fourth dimension which involves the senses.  I found that it was extremely difficult to find a piece of work that i could relate to this so i decided the example need to be more of a concept rather that a visual image. The piece of art I chose was Tyrrau Mawr, (Big Towers) 2016, which was part of the Artes Mundi Exhibition in the Cardiff Museum.

 img_0267 img_0268

This to me includes a fourth dimension by using sound as well as image in an artistic way. This engages the senses and allows me to experience the artwork in another dimension.


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