Library research project

  This week the task was to undertake a short project which focused on researching artists. this was done by looking through books, journals and DVD’s in the library. The research I found will help me inform the two pieces of art that I make by the end of this week.


Magritte– Suzi Gablik

img_0339I have chosen to look into the artwork of surrealist Rene Magritte because of his clever and thought provoking paintings. I feel that most of his work involves exploring thoughts or dreams which I intend to use for my outside/inside project. This book refers to the ideas behind Magritte’s artwork and an insight into his life.

“Pictorial experience which puts the real world on trial, gives me a belief in the infinity of possibilities as yet unknown to life.” – (Suzi Gablik, René Magritte, 1898-1967, published May 1st 1985 by Thames & Hudson)

I chose this quotation as I feel it links into my chosen project. The idea of infinite possibilities that we are currently unaware of really inspires me to think outside the box in relation to thoughts and dreams when creating art. I feel that this is an admirable quotation for me as a pictorial experience is concerned with the idea that when people look at a picture, they typically have a visual experience of its subject and how this experience occurs alongside an experience of the picture’s designed surface and looks at the thoughts in people’s minds.

Institute of Contemporary Arts – Sarah Sze


Sarah Sze is another artist which I found interesting to look at because of her large scale installations which represent small universes, these are created from found objects. They almost seem to wrap around and appear as if they go through buildings or walls. I found this aspect interesting as it could relate to my inside/outside project. The book that I found on her features lots of photographs of her installations which i found interesting to look at. One of the paragraphs was a concept called dirty realism. I have chosen a quotation from the text that I feel clearly describes the concept of dirty realism and how it links in with my chosen project of inside outside.

“As a concept, it’s located in those parts of Tokyo where the street is somehow inside, so that the city as a whole has no profile. The city of dirty realism is one immense unrepresentable container, a collective built space where the opposition between inside and outside has been annulled.” – (Sarah Sze – Institute of Contemporary Arts, published in 1998)

From this quotation my understanding of dirty realism is that there is no inside or outside in a collective built space. This concept could also link to Magritte’s concept of an image being inside an image, represented in the piece ‘ceci n’est pas une pipe’,which in English translates to ‘this is not a pipe.


Surrealissimo– BBC 2, 2nd March 2002


My intentions are to look into the human mind and dreams in relation to the outside inside project, therefore an obvious choice would be to look at the work of Salvador Dali. I found this DVD in the library and thought it would be interesting to look at to gain some information on the surrealist movement and Salvador Dali. Whilst watching the DVD I made notes. I found that it was quite informative on the life of Dali and how he developed the career. It included steps on how to be a surrealist, after each step he talked about how he achieved this. The steps that were mentioned were; to find a mentor, conquer Paris, join a group of like minds, create a stair, commodify yourself and finally destroy the competition.


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