Defining 3 dimension


In this weeks museum exercise we had to define 3 dimension.  We were each given this text to read through alongside this piece of art work. Once i had read through the text a few times i had to try make sense of it and choose something in the museum that i could relate to this to define 3 dimension.

My first intentions were to find a white marble sculpture as this seems to be what the text describes. However from what i understood the text was talking about an object and how an object such as a photograph could create a reflection. For example a photograph is 2 dimension but it is a reflection of the person in it. I believe that although the photograph is 2d our imagination creates a third dimension based on the reflections of the person in the photo.

Here is some of the art work i chose from around the museum that could best relate to this suggestion.

img_0231 img_0233

These are two sketches of a standing female nude by Augustus John (1878-1961).


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