Final project: Reference Material

It is my intentions to include the role of a percussionist as a base for this narrative. In order to effectively show this, I will need to examine how a percussionist plays the cymbals as part of a live orchestra. I found footage of this from YouTube which is beneficial when looking at movement and also timing. It could also give be helpful in looking for a fitting audio for my project.

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Summative Assesement


CardiffMet Sport TV Project

Sports Project: Storyboard and main concept-

Sports Project: Research and Ideas-

Sports Project: Lighting within CG software-

Sports Project: Responding to feedback-



Final Project Pitch

Final Project: Introduction/Idea for narrative-

Final Project: Posed Production methods-

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Final Project: Visual Research-




Sports Project: Lighting within CG software

It was my intentions to use harsh shadows and lighting to make the subjects stand out. I wanted to capture the feeling of the sports balls being in the spotlight for the first scenes. In order to create this effect I needed to look at different lighting setups. I found many lighting setup diagrams which were specific to photography, I found these very helpful. I found that a curved backdrop can be very effective and allow for a smoother background.

Image URL:–cms-23285


Examples of lighting setup within my own work

Below is the lighting setup which i used within my animation. I used a diffused light angled at 45 degrees, to evenly light the subject, along with 3 spotlights lighting each ball to make them appear in a harsh down lighting.


This is a wider angle of all the models and scenery with the curved backdrop placed behind.


Sports Project: Research and Ideas

After thinking about the main concept of the animation I conducted some research on other popular sports channels which use the textures, forms and shapes of the equipment as the main subject of their title sequences.

I came across a sports ident on YouTube which creatively uses the equipment as a concept for the animation. In the video below the textures of the balls appear to wrap around and collide with one another, effectively changing the sport each time. This idea of quickly changing from each sport (being represented by the ball) is what i want to use within my own animation.

Url link: 05/06/2018)

The method here appears to be CG which is rendered as very realistic imagery. I intend to recreate this kind of effect using studio lighting within the CG software to make the visuals as realistic as possible. I will play around with the material properties within the software to achieve realistic colour and textures. I will also try to use creative movement within the animation to transition each scene or link them with one another.























Sports Project: Storyboard and main concept

The brief for this project specifically stated that the main animation had to be between 5-10 seconds long. This short time frame meant that I had to use quick cuts to capture as much information as I could. In regards to sport ans physical activity I decided that the animation had to include lots of movement and action. I planed to use lots of camera movement and action music to have a greater impact on the target audience.

Although this animation could be seen as too short to have a narrative, i think that some sort of narrative must be shown to give the animation meaning and structure. For this I began to think about the relationship between the CardiffMet sport channel and its viewers. I created a rough storyboard based on the ideas that i had for each scene. The scenes below show different sporting equipment one after another in studio lighting, they  then all come together and stop around the main subject which would be a television. The main idea of this was to characterise these basketball, rugby ball and tennis ball and have them represent how viewers from different sporting backgrounds come together and tune into the channel.


Final Project: Visual Research

I have looked at artists who commonly use the theme of dreams/daydreams within their work and found some good examples. I have also found artwork which will influence the design of characters, sets and colour grading I wish to use.

Georgio De Chirico:


These artworks appear to depict empty scenes from different locations. These scenes often use harsh shadows which could suggest these were painted at sunset or sunrise. These scenes, to me, also suggest emptiness and have a dreamlike atmosphere within them. The use of buildings and large man made structures shown in these paintings closely relate to my idea of buildings and building demolition.



Wes Anderson (Isle of Dogs): Industrial sets, Muted colours/colour grading

These different sets all have a similar feel to them, they give the feeling of industrial and abandoned locations. This concept closely relates to my project and is something I wish to look into more when in the design process of my own sets.


Final Project: Soundtrack

A large part of this narrative is based on the audio. I have decided on using orchestral music to accompany the visuals of a percussion player and building demolition. The reason for this choice is because I believe that falling buildings have some sort of beauty to them as they fall, When thinking of music that closely relates to this, orchestral music comes to mind. I feel that the this audio along with strong imagery will be very effective and will add to the narrative.

In order to find music for my animation, I have thought about contacting local musicians or national orchestra of wales if possible.

I could also look at contacting local Universities or colleges to record a live orchestra.